How to Stay Safe from Fires While Racing!!

In this video we cover the patroit nitrous assisted camaro who entered the small tire class at the maple grove no prep kings event held in Mohnton, Penn. The Patroit went up against a blown camaro and had an easy pass. Next event the patroit went up against jimmy howe who is the son of the invitional racer Jim Howe. Jimmy Howe drives a yellow camaro was grudge racing the patroit when the patroit lost control and hit the wall. The bursted into flames after the fuel line disconnected. The driver David Brinkley casusally gets out of the car and walks away safely. What makes this possible are some of the approved safety equipement for racing cars. We go over these items to keep a driver safe in case of the worst case scenerio which is a fire like the one shown in the video. Just skip out on the safety equipement and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Ese atuendo me vuelve loco mikujava.Monster loco contigo y tienes ese cuerpo curvilíneo, hiciste un buen trabajo modelándolo también. También me gusta el último atuendo. Me encantaj cómo los cinturones de liga se.

  2. ফেলিসিডেস, এটি মিনাংকাবাউ উদাহরণ। 250 sentadillas son unos LIKESEX.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Dadi dejaa ver que hay muy buenos ফলাফল 😍👍

  3. I guess my question is why don’t these guys roll out of it pull shoot and come back and race another day I’m not saying that will help in every incident but over the years I’ve seen accidents that could have been avoided if they just aborted the run

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