How to Install Aftermarket Steering Wheel With NRG Hub and Working Horn

How to install Aftermarket Steering wheel on a 1995 240sx with the Horn working and no airbag light. Comment with any questions and we will try to help.Thanks
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  1. Good question Colin. If you take the airbag off and you have an accident that smashes your face. your going to be paying out of your pocket for a new face.

  2. Hi i need help do think my steering wheel on my truck can be remove my hands without using any extra tools ? Like the car you are working on right now because i try to search on youtube and google for my truck i had a 2000 Toyota Tacoma S RUNNERS nothing showing up on the my truck, i really want to replace a new steering i hope you will have the answer for me and if anyone out there can help me and give me the information i would really appreciate it.

  3. I have a white, black, yellow, blue, and red on my s14. Any ideas? I assume my red wire is my horn and it works as for the others I have no clue. I tried placing a resistor between my black and white and the air bag light flashes

  4. How do i connect the horn wires to the horn buttom the horn wire only has a black wire from car hub has red and black wire also i have the fuse for the air bag light to go off how do i connect it 96dodge neon with momo steering wheel

  5. I have a 96dodge neon how do i get horn to work. I connected tge red wire to hub tgen tge ground wite to nut that connects to steering wheel now the horn connector plug has a black and green wire do i need to have green wire touch hub at all times. Tge air bag connector is not connected to clock spring do i jump to one pin there is only one pin i have a new clock spring miggt conbect it to plug in the air bag plug it has 2 holes for tge nrg resister fuse. Email me help me out if you can think Brian c my email address

  6. Can u guys help me I have a 2002 Isuzu rodeo s v6 I have the aftermarket steering wheel but I can't find the replacement kit for it or what people call it the hub you guys please help me

  7. Hey ion know if you still reply to comments but can you buy a steering wheel cover for an aftermarket steering wheel ?

  8. 4:48 when you connect these wires will my blinker return after making a turn? Because I installed a quick release on my 2004 Toyota Corolla😂 and now since I don’t have a clockspring when I use my blinker it doesn’t automatically turn off when I complete a turn. I have to manually go turn it off right now.

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