How I Spent My Christmas…1320😈


  1. Irwindale?

    I'm no pro but your burnouts could use some work my dude. You're causing unnecessary stress on the driveline with your stop/start type burns. I know u went through one trans already, don't make it another.
    Just my take and I'm just an armchair racer anyway so what do I know.

    Also was that a v6 Camaro or an SS? Lmao!!!!

  2. Channel is just same old ish fam , tree 90 2 you don't understand like that's all your videos and they are SHORTS so can't stream those… you have alot of attention yo , should fix your channel man…put a damn Picture up in your little Apartment that should be a goal of YOURSS! LAD THIS LAD THAT TREE 92 YOU DONT KNOW , WHO BUILT YOUR CAR ANYWAY? NOT YOU! ITS STOCK WITH WHAT? "STRAIGHT PIPES" ?

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