How fast is the RS660 for this average motorcycle rider?

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At the risk of looking like an idiot, I took the RS out to see if I could get a sub-4-second zero to sixty time. Well, I succeeded in one, and not the other.

Since the algo like 10 minutes vids, use the below to skip to the good part:
07:07 3rd attempt at 0 to 60mph


  1. Currently own this bike in apex black and it is an amazing machine but as your only motorcycle kinda bored of it for a 2nd bike it’s a blast though 😅

  2. Drag racing is not as easy as it seems is it. I have been doing it for 40 years cars and bikes. I drag my 660 against my in-line four friends and I can take the 600s. I think a real drag guy could take my 660 but I haven't met him yet. On paper I should lose but I have been doing it so long I have an edge. Tips, Rev the 660 hard, set the wheely control all the way. Shift 1st gear manually, and quick shift hard at 10,500 thru each gear. It will only get you mid 12 seconds 1/4 miles, but like I said most people don't know how to really drag race. My little 660 is a tiny monster and it can be ridden hard and will ask for more.

  3. The answer is fast enough, there are better options for cheaper though because as far as average motorcycling is concerned the very expensive electronics blowing the price of the RS out of proportion are an overkill. Reliability comes into play more for average motorcycling, and in that regard Aprilias are lacking.

  4. It's all about usable power. There's nowhere for me to open up my R6 to +10,000 rpm on the streets "legally". So it's less fun for the streets, whereas the RS660 can do both street/track competently.

  5. ive been riding my rs660 for a couple months now i still need to learn how to lean better but is it crazy that I want a liter bike now?

  6. The 660 bike is great. I love mine as a daily rider but it's extremely boring for going fast lol. My RSV4 ruined my perception of speed so now the 660 feels slow but it's still an amazing daily or commuting bike that looks sexy af

  7. Nice, I bought my tuono factory v4 from af1 as well I got the 2020. I live in marble falls, I like to take 1431 into austin, that's a really fun road if you've never taken it, pretty fast paced and lots of elevation changes. Maybe I'll see you around I'll look for a 660. ride safe 🖖

  8. Good video, I've had a RS 660 for a year now and have had no problems with it at all. I have done a SC project exhaust upgrade as well as a up-map remap. The RS 660 is the perfect bike for both street and the track. The bike is great on the street, great on the track and all you have to do is tape it for the track and you're are ready to go. It is perfectly balanced for both street and track and mine has had very good reliability – right at 7000 miles with no problems. I cannot think of another bike that can compete with this bike when it come to being BOTH a street bike and a track bike – Great Job Aprilia.

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