Honda VTEC vs American V8 (Fastest Civic)

Video showing the power of a 4 piston Honda near stock k20a VTEC Engine, one of the most powerful 4 cylinder engines in the world.

This civic has more boost than American muscle cars.


  1. "wIlL sHe bReAk oFf tHe lInE?!?!"

    "Oh she'll break off the line"

    unintelligible …. "lift off"

    "wAdDyA rUnNin?!?!??!?!"

    "Just a little 4 cylinder"

    more unintelligible crap


  2. "just a little four cilinder" is what Jimmy last heard before the civic took of and gapped him by more than a schoolbus. After that Jimmy went home, cried to his wife then sold his car. He bought a stock civic 70 hp civic and raced another civic. He lost, he then became depressed and started watching the fast and the furious to get ideas to build a car with 20000 gears so he could shift for years with vtec. Jimmy is now an F1 civic racer and hasn't been gapped since this little 4 cilinder civic incident.

  3. I watched this years ago when it first came out. Still never gets old. And funny I still flip off that American pos Firebird every time hahaha.

  4. i still prefer a good f*** v8 dude… at least it doesn't sound like s*** and it give a real feeling when u press the pedal….. not just a soup can noise coming from under the hood… bunch of kid who like 4 cylinders, yall wont go to heaven

  5. We get it but this all comes down to power to weight ratio. That Supra is a boat and 400hp it will need more to beat that 240hp civic hatch that weighs like 2000lbs. That’s like equivalent to a 600hp civic with the light weight chassis.

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