Home Made VW Race Cars! Let's Go Racing Boys at Circuit of the Americas!

Today we are camping at Circuit of the Americas to watch SVRA Racing. Vintage racecars some of them are Formula Vee!

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  1. Last century F/Vee was extremely popular here in Australia, grids of 40 plus. Not so much now as people have track day cars and other new classes. I guess a lot are sitting in sheds covered in dust.

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  3. Happy Thanksgiving guys, it's nice to see vintage race cars in action. We had 2 formula vees at our car show this year. I didn't know that the bodys were not standard. Nice interview with Nick, learned alot. Plus the cooking out makes the trip complete

  4. If you can drive a Vee fast, you can drive anything fast. They handle like crap compared to other open wheel cars, shit brakes cause of skinny tires, have no horsepower, which makes you smooth in corners, draft is the big equalizer. Built my own Warrior, won Canadian championship, Ontario championship. The best experience ever.

  5. You were talking about the Formula 5000 class, that was a great race series with some of the best drivers. I remember being at Road America and Michigan Int. Speed Way in 1973 for the races. What Fun! Great Video!

  6. Hi I used to work for a company called volkspears and big boy toys in England, the managing director of the company used to race in Formula V until he had a bad crash he also part sponsored one of our mechanics who raced in The Beetle cup, all the beetles ran 1641cc and made for some close racing and fun, I do miss my Beetle being on the road.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  7. Boy did that bring back some memories! In the early 80’s we would go the the SCCA Runoffs at Road Atlanta. I loved the FV class. Most drivers were just as friendly as Nick was to y’all! Back then that was the largest class with up to 75 cars. At the Runoffs all classes run by themselves. No mixing of cars.
    Great video guys! Glad you had fun!😁

  8. I see a lot of people never knew about Formula Vees. Look on YouTube SCCA Runoffs 2020. They ran at Road America. There are some great in car camera ride alongs. Watch it guys.

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