Historic Buick Nailhead Dragster & Salt Flat Engine Archival Video

Music: Bensound.com

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  1. Edelbrock offers reliability but not blot of performance where as the Holley offers hella performance if tuned right but if not, or if it has backfired killing it then not so much performance but I believe they now offer a plate that helps protect Holley's from ddtdptatgmg backfires! I removed a Holley and used an edelbrock on a built 406 and it killed the low end throtal! 0 – 2500 RPM

  2. i was watching the super bird video that was great do u know how many people would cry watching that , u guy's doing cookies in the field . i love it made me like u more , y have it if u don't drive the shit out of it i can't stand a car that just sits . i have a 73 ss nova that is cherry with a 396 big block built and i hammer on it and the car is cherry with factory paint . now i think it has some rubber burnt in paint i know the vinyl top has rubber stuck to it . i day i made a mushroom cloud with it and it was never the same black really shows up on competition orange thank god the top is black

  3. Good stuff scott . Love the 2nd engine with the lumpy cam . Eldelbrock carbs suck can't out perform a holley . The look on your dads face , priceless ! Good video .

  4. I drove a '63 215 c.i. V8, a '63 198 v-6, a 364, a 300, a '66 340 hi-performance Skylark, a 401, a 430 Riviera and best of all a '64 wildcat, 425, 4-speed. That's what happens when you live 25 miles from the Buick plant.

  5. you guys are killing it …. Just bought a 55 Roadster.everything is complete and original 322 wanna keep it original as possible but it missing pulleys and balancer , any idea where i can get basic pulleys and fan for the nailhead. would gladly aprreciated

  6. I'm having fun just working around the house and getting my stuff on with these archive videos it makes working on my garage a lot better now than before. Thanks for the inspiration you two! Hope your having a good rest before your swap meet. Just a couple of squirts! LoL

  7. I’m just a traditional ole small block Chevrolet guy myself. But man would I absolutely love to play with some nailheads 😏😏. Nailheads and the Chevy 348/409s are just plain great!!!

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