Hidden Horsepower Episode 41 Gary Stinnett – Machinist, Racer & NHRA Champion

Gary Stinnett is much more than a 4 time NHRA Super Comp Champion. The Kansas engine builder has spent a lifetime in the machine shop business and has learned a lot along the way. Gary joins Keith Jones and Joe Castello for a conversation about Gary’s early influences, “driving” a machine, and learning “how to think”.


  1. How about a show on Harley blow by and venting on these m8’s big bores I get asked all the time and I go back to it’s a ring seal problem and does excessive venting cause ring seal Loss

  2. Another great class! Thanks guys! "Learning how to think"….priceless and so worth taking to heart. Joe, I just caught the Homer Simpson reference. We all know that guy…too funny!

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