Here's why im trading my MT-07 for an Aprilia RS660 Extrema

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I recently decided to trade in my Yamaha MT-07 for an Aprilia RS660 and I wanted to share with you all the reasons why.

First and foremost, the Aprilia RS660 has a more powerful engine, with a 0-60 time of just 3.7 seconds. It also has a more aerodynamic design, which makes it perfect for hitting the track.

One of the things I love about the RS660 is its advanced electronics package, which includes a quick-shift system and traction control. This makes it much easier to push the bike to its limits and get the most out of it.

Another thing that sold me on the RS660 is its beautiful design. The lines on this bike are simply stunning and it’s a real head-turner wherever I go.

Overall, I’m excited about my new Aprilia RS660 Extrema and I can’t wait to see what it’s capable of. If you’re considering making a similar switch, I highly recommend taking a closer look at the RS660.

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  1. Yamaha's CP2 engine does sound great but imo the Aprilia 660s has it beat on induction noise alone. Did you check out the Tuono 660 Factory? It has a different sprocket (less teeth) than the RS660 and apparently feels faster on the low end.

  2. LOL you really have not done your research have you?? … 1st you have an Aprilia Dealer in Plano, Plano Kawasaki Suzuki, 2nd the 13k AF1 Racing quoted you is the MSRP, add another 1.5-2k for tax, title, freight, prep yada yada, but no need to go all the way to Austin. 3rd you are talking totally different bikes, RS660 is a track weapon, and the Tuono 660 would be the better comparison to your current bike, speaking off the Tuono 660 Factory has better suspension even over the RS. Either way, you can't go wrong with either, reliability can be a hit or miss, my Stars & Stripes Special edition has been good so far except for the quick shifter but its an Italian boutique manufacturer, not even close to Yamaha … =)

  3. Reliability will come back to haunt you. Stick with Japan 600s like r6 or cbr600 zx6r or gsxr 750 even. The Aprilia looks good and so does the v2 Ducati.

  4. Motorcycling is exercise of individual expression. Any comments from ppl on why not to get the bike you like are irrelevant. You love it and that’s all that matters. Enjoy bro! Be safe 💪🏽

  5. bad aprilia rs660 have sho much problem on it i hope they fix it oil leak and engien replace and much more connection rod in engien on rs660 regular break

  6. I bought my RS from AF1 last Saturday. Spend an extra few hundred and have them ship it to you. You shouldn't ride with the same rpm during the break-in period. I'm in Houston and they shipped it to my door for $300. It was as if I ordered it from Amazon lol. Also, from what I hear, AF1 really does an extensive PDI which should hopefully help with some of the issues people have. Fingers crossed.

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