Here are the FASTEST Selling Cars in America…You Won't Guess #1

The list of the fastest selling cars in America is DOMINATED by Japanese and Korean cars. Sitting at the top of the list is a vehicle no one expected to sell so fast…


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  1. Technically, 2 partnerships dominated. Toyota/Subaru and Hyundai/Kia. I'm a little surprised that Genesis wasn't on there with either the GV70 or GV80. I think every Genesis SUV that is being delivered is already spoken for like the Bronco. As for domestics, Ford only had one compared to GM's 3 (the Corvette, a fancy Tahoe and a very fancy Tahoe) and all of Europe combined had just 1 or 2 depending on how you classify Land Rover…

  2. The domestics only have a few on this list but the few that's on here are cash cow's there making money hand over fist and the people are getting the top trim's in most cases rite now all are making overhead cause of demand and the chip shortage around my city the car lots are looking really slim at the moment

  3. Would not have guessed the Santa Cruz. That's cool. I want one too. I would've guessed Ford Bronco Sport based on how many I've seen on the road.

  4. Kirk we are looking at Certified 18 or 19 lx 570 upper 69- low 70k. I know you can get CarPlay added from a company in SOCal approximately 600.00. With that said do you think this is a good value? Also 2 row vs 3 row.

  5. These prices are over market. Dealers are buying used cars and selling them like new at prices of 17 k and 25 k for Toyota's. Ridiculous . The lots are not full and the prices outrageous. G
    Hold on to your old toyotas . This is not the time to buy new cars.

  6. Littte known historical fact.
    Toyota Clan claims their ancestor to be a Prince of Kudara Kingdom, which is Korean Kingdom that existed in South Western Korean Peninsula from 1st Century BC to 7th Century AD.

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