"Happy" | Hagerty 2018 National TV Spot

Sometimes the best way to connect is to disconnect. The connection you feel could be between you and your car, alone on an evening drive. It could be with your family as you cruise into town for ice cream on a hot Sunday afternoon. Or it could be between you and your son or daughter as you teach them the finer details of changing the oil on the car you hope one day to pass along to them. No matter the reason for your love of cars, Hagerty will be by your side the whole way with affordable insurance, up-to-date valuation information, amazing video content, a world-class magazine, and so much more.

Hagerty. For People Who Love Cars.

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  1. People are more depressed than ever because of the social media and this is just the beggining unfortunately. Even the old president of facebook thinks this is bad and the one and only Steve jobs did not like social media.

  2. My '69 Camaro is about ready to hit the road. The kids, especially our 8 year old daughter, couldn't be more excited about it either. The engine noise being a universally loved aspect.

    I also felt a little bit like Indiana Jones in showing them around the car and how to work the "handle thing to get the windows to go up and down". As well as the rest of the "things like in the olden days, along time ago."

    They are looking forward to the classic cruise and tossing candy out of the window in the parade…

    Everything about old cars seems to be universally loved and is sure to get people to look up from their damn cell phones, if only for a moment as you go by!

  3. Yep, being in Minnesota can’t wait for spring to get the old 65 Malibu out again. My 12 year old son said the other day. You know what sounds fun. Going for a ride in the Malibu. I about cried. Lol. With the factory am radio, we as a family just cruise and enjoy each other and the ride.

  4. I have my 1976 Chevrolet Camaro insured with Hagerty. I also work for an insurance agency and sell Hagerty policies. I wish Hagerty had job opportunities in Southern California. Now, that would be a dream.

  5. Honestly? Who owns a 1969 Camaro SS and takes the family for a drive?
    I would be tearing the canyons! (even if not suited to do so as an OEM).
    No wife nagging about speed, risks and danger…

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