Guy Live Streamed His Wild Police Chase

Usually we see police chase videos from news stations or pedestrians but this time the video is provided to us from the driver behind the wheel.

The chase was started when Oklahoma City police officers noticed a guy driving a stolen truck. At some point during the chase, he decides his best option is to live stream the situation on Facebook, complete with his own commentary. He notes how much gas he has left and how slow other drivers are. Luckily the local news was also broadcasting it and caught the best part where the driver stops to ditch the toolbox in the bed and is confronted by a local pastor who pulls out a gun and shoots out his rear tire, which helped end the 2-hour pursuit. Talk about a wild ride.

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  1. That shit bag almost side swiped me on the highway! When I saw the full length video release, the best part was when he got tazed! It was a glorious site! Although getting pumped full of lead would have been a much better outcome for humanity and the tax payers.

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