Gutted Tesla P100D Sets NEW Quarter Mile Record Drag Racing!

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Taking the now 4460lb Gutted Tesla P100D to a 1/4 Mile Atlanta Dragway Streetcar Takeover Event. The car now has a few more modifications…or boltoffs. That includes taking out all the door speaks, besides the drivers, taking off the front sway bar and even swapping the 12volt battery under the frunk for something much lighter. The Tesla takes on a Stock Hellcat from a 40mph roll and a Buick Grand Nation from a dig. Stay tuned for the next video where we do some class racing and end up taking on Cleetus McFarland himself.


  1. He would go even faster if he replaced the stock wheels with much lighter ones, and used lighter brake rotors too. Removing static weight is one thing but removing rotational weight where applicable is where you make your biggest gains.

  2. Some ICE cars need modification just enhance engine performance and increase speed. But EV car like testla without modification. Won most of the race. So it means battery power surpass mechanical engine power. Right now they're just using lithuim ion battery if the graphene will be used for more batter power. Then probably an EV family car could win the race againts sports car like lamborghini

  3. The 1st guy that was "On your fender man…" Must have been sitting on one of your spare fenders in his seat because he DAMN sure was nowhere close to your car.

  4. Um, that's a very vague title. At least 1320 specifies which record, you can't just say beats drag racing record. It could be anything from best time in an awd roadworthy electric to best P100D. VERY different accomplishments.

  5. The future of electric racing….Take a Tesla, convert to 2wd, helps the weight issue, Just Motors out back pulling. Remove the factory battery and use only the necessary cells to get the proper voltage and amperage, doesn’t need to run all day. Will drop weight significantly. Not sure if they use a regulator, or motor controller, but feed the motors max amps and voltage.

  6. Yooooo its sick!!
    also i think u need to cut out a lot of metal parts n sht to make it hella fast! make it under 1.2 to 60 maaan just imagine, u need only 1 bucket seat and steering wheel and SEND IT (to the deepspace YAY)

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