Gutted Tesla P100D Causes Problems – $1900 Cash Days Street Race

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A semi-gutted Tesla P100D with BBS Wheels and M/T tires take over a cash days style street race. 19 Entries = $1900 and 5 rounds of tough racing. This road isn’t ordinary with it being some of the worst conditions going backwards down the dragstrip, starting at the other end of 710 Dragway. As for after the show…someone always wants to grudge race and well there’s always a winner and a loser in that situation when the Tesla talks its way into getting the brake.


  1. Since im no native, and also not into racing that much/deep, what was it about at the end that they were having a fight about? and what about that 300 for a break, what does that mean? can some1 explain? 🙂

  2. You never give someone the break. If you know your physics, if a car gets a head start, even if both vehicles accelerate at the same rate, the gap between them will only increase linearly.

  3. That guy is super mad but let me tell you something man. Tesla P100D Rules. Tesla is hard to beat, Nobody can’t beat a Tesla. I’m getting a Tesla Model X Plaid SUV the color I want is Black and Orange. Ignition Orange with the black stripe. They got a Tesla Roaster 0-60 in 1.9 seconds nobody can beat that either. Them electric cars them Tesla’s are fast as hell. Go Teslas man that will beat my TRX ignition edition dam that Tesla fast

  4. I know this video is old but I had to log on and comment on this video(something I rarely do). You whooped them all. On behalf of all gas fueled cars, please don’t base a opinion on us from the losers in this video. The guy at the end and who ever the drunk jabbing his jaw are what gives racers a bad name. People that want to act like this, please just lick your wounds, give a hand shake, and congratulate the winner. Also never give a Tesla the hit on a unprepped surface. Good job to the winner of this video and Godspeed

  5. Fuck sake. Credit where due.. YO, THANKS Elon!!

    Hope you’ve got some sponsorship by now. You’ve ruined a great car for this.

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