GUESS THE POWER! Dyno Tuning SGT. Smash, Time to Hit The Mustang Dyno! | Beyond The Build S:10 EP:6

On this episode of Beyond The Build, Brenton from Forza Tuned helps Mike the Wrench and Zach from AAD Performance remotely tune and dyno SGT. Smash! This build has been six months in the making with countless hours of sheer effort and concentration, how much power will our hellcat finally make after it hits the Mustang AWD-1750 “Heartbreaker” Dyno?

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  1. This build is amazing.. I have a ton of respect for those that have the skills to build monster's like this.. the numbers on the dynamic is CRAZY!!

  2. As a man, a car man.. that always wanted to build a vehicle.. this is the dream.. Even if i had the money to build a car.. i wouldn't know what to do. and i definitely dont trust these shops around here.. I promise you guys could open up a shop in my area and make a killing.. almost open market and tons of money floating around to be made.. #SpeedSociety

  3. Even if I don’t win I know my money is going to an amazing cause and that I got some badass merch!! Good luck to everyone who entered and if you haven’t what are you waiting for!! 🤞🤞

  4. I would say either way u have quite the HAPPY dyno. Dyno numbers are based on how the dyno is set up and Obviously its reading very high! A similar setup here made 1080 on a Mustang Dyno so it just goes to show dyno's are just tuning tools NOT accurate HP indicators!

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