GTI Intimidates American Muscles | Street Racing |

It’s funny because the owner of the Camaro didn’t want to race me with my car on e85. More and more people are starting to respect the small GTIs and now they understand that it’s not all in the just the size of the engine. Weight to power ratio is very important.


  1. One little 2door blue golf 4 in u old neighborhood in Bulgaria , want to be like u, but owner is "жинааа" and just put gas from a plastic bottle….

  2. now they’re making excuses in the comments lol love to see it. good kill brotha. even without brake boost you pulled on him, that says a lot because without brake boost these cars pick up slow against V8’s. that camaro is just slow.

  3. Lol, the V8 guys jumping on the 4 cylinder turbo's because they're hoping the low end torque gets the win. Nice kills. Too bad you weren't on E85, it would have been a slaughter.

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