GREAT CHEAP First Drift Cars

Want to build your first drift car? Need something turbo, RWD and cheap? These are the BEST cheap drift cars you can get in today’s car market! From the legendary Silvia S13, to the long forgotten RX-8! Get a 350Z, a G35 or a Fox Body Mustang and start shredding tires TODAY!

#drifting #jdm #S13

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  1. Saying a car doesn’t have to be reliable to drift is like saying an umbrella can have holes and still do it’s job 😂😂 good luck drifting a car that won’t start

  2. 5:02 best advice on finding one of these cars is to first find somebody who already owns a working one and ask them if you could buy another one of theirs thats not working for cheap. Chances are they will have at least 2 sitting in their backyard

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