Golf R Manual Stage 3+ VS 1200whp Camaro | Cash Days!! | MK7 Golf R

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Huge shoutouts to Brandon (BDR Racing) & James (NHF motorsports) for helping big time on what this car is today and helping me become a better driver!

EQT Info: (my turbo and a few other goodies)

Precision Raceworks Info: (My fueling)

I buy 99% of my shit here: **Mostly shop dap tho =P

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(Teddy westside 412)

(Peter Gonsalves)


(Savage Panda Projects)


  1. Bro your golfs a damn monster, I got a 15’ dsg golf R with minimal bolt ons but your channel inspires me to want more and for that I thank you 🙏 Cheers man! 🍻

  2. Drove 4 hours to get his ass whooped lol. Fuck that Camaro was scary. If the track was 1/4 or 1/2 mile you’d likely be in trouble.

  3. Bro, you're the Man! Great video, traction is key, really enjoyed the video. I suppose we can endure more of this… 😉

  4. Hey man like ur videos I got a DSG 15 audi S3, from Amarillo. Where can I find out about events like this, I would love to go to one of these.

  5. Hell ya! What good is 1200hp if you cant put it down. What tires are you running and are you getting any wheel spin? Is your haldex holding the power or just slipping? Do you have a haldex tune?

  6. That all-motor GTO is such an Americana icon! 🫡 🇺🇸

    The DSM vs turbo diesel truck race deserved a standing ovation. 👏

    Great video, Bryce! Very cool that you were not planning this at all, and yet you made it halfway through the rounds.

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