We are getting everything ready to go to Norwalk for No Prep Kings this weekend. Tess and Tony are back from California, but they brought some weird smelly people with them.


  1. Malibu was in 10s and billy was in 13s but malibu was on nitrous Billy said he wasn't using nitrous 🤔 o and y was Billy's car nose driving on launch was that a car problem or billy problem?

  2. Well I'd say it's funny that those hippies have headed to Ohio. I hope they don't stay there. Here in NW Montana it's even worse Comifornians are moving here in droves to stay. These people sell their million dollar shitholes and move here driving all of the real estate prices through the roof. No places to rent anymore and ILLEGAL immigrants have been caught sneaking across the northern border of Montana less than 20 minutes from my house. As well as being dropped off in the middle of the night on Biden's human smuggling operation. This country is a wreck thanks to the communist regime that has taken over the White House. Next they will just ban fossil fuel fuels and try to force AMERICA to go green. It's like Gretta is there the little Hitler green new deal Hitler leader.

  3. Them stinky 💩 smelling turds are one of the biggest problems worthless no job junkies we have them all over Oregon most are part of Antifa BLM scum that cause all the problem's in Portland. They call each other family or Dead heads most are lost leftovers from Jerry Garcia days🙄 worthless.

  4. Smelly hippie plague in Ohio!!!! LOL. Can't wait to see the Falcon @ NPK. Go get em Tommy!!!! Great vid Bill, love the in-between content that shows the kinda prep it takes to do as much racing as you guys do.👍

  5. Multi color hair ,sounds like Democrats to me .
    If so you definitely need to stay far far far away from them
    You don't want any of their woke liberal Democrat Bs rubbing off of them then on to you .lol lol

  6. What does Uncle Terry think of the Malibu/Mustang rivalry that's heating up? Hell, of course he thinks it's awesome – he prolly figures it's good for at least another $5K-10k to the bottom line at JEGS!

  7. dremel tool with bits its a grinder tool! i use it on riffle stocks & fixing stuff! watch dust & chips it makes stuff fit! I did cylinder heads for dodge my ex & rich family & family maters & deaths a mess with blood clots & being used! i alone here again!

  8. Nice. I hope Billy gets started on the trucks boost limitation problem soon. Part of the addiction to this families channels is troubleshooting and fixing the limitations that come when trying to go faster and faster.

  9. I live in WV and they hold a hippie fest called Burning Man right above my house and theres thousand of hippies that show up from all over the country and we cant leave our house for 3 days straight because the traffic is so bad we cant pull out of our driveway and we live out in the boonies of Masontown,WV so it drives me nuts

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