FLYING Mustang – Lights Out V

David Measell takes a wild ride in this fox body mustang as it runs about 100 feet down the track on the back bumper almost flying over the wall! This 2000hp + nitrous mustang took flight at south georgia motorsports park during the qualifying for outlaw drag radial taking David for quite the ride!


  1. When i come around and do a trip to the states, this is what i want to see in person. Drag racing, Indy Car, Nascar and alike, plus the parks and the heartlands. I may have to do the trip on my own though, nobody around me (in good ole'  damn europe) finds these things entertaining. To bad.

  2. After a few years my daddy is talking about this and my daddy was the driver the one that was talking yeah he did break his back but didn't go to the doctor a week later he finally recovered and is have shoulder and neck pain he's doing so much better thank you for all the nice and supportive comments we really appreciate it💞

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