Fixing Up A Subscriber's Rare Car For An Emotional Reunion

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This week Alex and Gareth fix up a rare BMW E46 for owner Daniel.

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  1. absolutely amazing episode guys. have to say with you stood at the back of the car and saying you have a new wing to go on i was reacting like "whats wrong with the old wing …." turns out ive been watching too may american youtubers and the rear spoiler was fine haha

  2. Wanna do mine next? First car it's got it problems and probably wont get a new car for a while if it goes off the road, as every insurance company wants mega money every month,

  3. That’s awesome, I also inherited a 2004 BMW 325 I ZSP
    Did most of repairs and enjoying the car mine is alpine white with natural brown interior my dad loved this car , after he passed we stored the car away for 5 years then finally got it out replaced engine brakes rotors wheels , everything OEM As well , I’m a happy owner of a E46, I’ve also restored my uncles E30 325i convertible, oem

  4. I never had a dad, he decided to run away and leave when i was 7 but i have been a car guy all my life, And this channel is what its all about, not just the high end. The car could be old and rubbish but have such emotional attachments. I still got tears in my eyes. Would love to work in some how with these guys. What a job. I know he will drive that BMW with the Biggest smile every time. And what is better than that.

  5. Here I am eating dinner thinking I'm gonna watch another regular old car repair and cleaning video. End up crying like a baby. Excellent content! Congrats Dan!

  6. The first youtube video in a long LONG time I have felt the need to let all of the averts run as you guys deserve every penny for this video. A stunning effect and a great cause. Please stop cutting onions.

  7. Every time they said wing I thought they were talking about the spoiler not the front fender/quarter panel lmao. So I was thinking "why are they painting a BMW fender if they ar replacing and supposed to be painting the ‘wing’?" Then when they came to replacing the ‘wing’ it turns out it was the fender, like huh? Alright now I get it 😂🤣

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