First Test Session With the Procharged Hemi Combo in the OG Murder Nova!

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First test session with the Procharged Proline Hemi combo in the OG Murder Nova!

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  1. I'm still surprised about the hemi. That 540 big chev combo worked so well for so long.
    I'm definitely digging Procharger content. Kinda sick of turbos on everything. I mean yeah it's awesome, but tiresome to see over and over.
    I wanna do a crank driven Procharger on the relatively new rocket racing oldsmobile block. They claim the impacted graphite block is good for 3000+ hp, even tho we don't have an Olds cylinder head to support that yet.
    I mean big chief is still running butler pontiac power and I feel my olds setup on methanol would make at least 2000+ and I don't have enough money to run with these guys anyway. But a solid 4.90 1/8 mile car with an Oldsmobile block would be different and fun.
    It's hard to beat a 540 chevrolet. It's a square motor and I think that has alot to do with it's success.

  2. Dam I hate seeing a hemi in murder Nova makes me sick 🤢 but I know you gotta do what ya gotta do. I'm not being disrespectful to ya liked your Nova the way ya had it we are Chevy all the way to the bone I guess what I'm saying when I used to drag race at our local track really how fast do ya wanna go their will always be someone faster with something else

  3. MAN that thing is a BEAST!!! Congrats on breaking thru and gettin under 4. All that hard work shows! Cant wait to see what happens when yall show up at NPK

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