Final Round Highlights – NHRA Carolina Nationals: Hart, Wilkerson, Koretsky, Gonzalez & Sampey Win

Hart, Wilkerson, Koretsky, Gonzalez & Sampey score victories across the Camping World NHRA Drag Racing Series professional categories. #nhra #topfuel #funnycar #prostock #promod



  1. If you need to wear blinders to race you shouldn’t be on the track back in my day NHRA didn’t allow that it’s sad what the NHRA has turned into I remember when payout for a pints race was $250k the they dropped it to $50 and this year they dropped it to $15k 1st place top fuel money that barely covers the running cost for the weekend your better off bracket racing if your in it for the money

  2. The fact that Josh beat Brittany on a HOLESHOT doesn't matter to me, what matters to me is that brittany needs to at least try and win one of the two Charlotte races, I mean, she's still in the fight for this championship that I know she wants badly

  3. I have really gotten reinvested in following NHRA pro drag racing this season and I have to say it's been very interesting and pretty spectacular. I especially base this opinion on the vast array of winners especially the underdogs and not the same person winning every week or every race.
    It reminds me a little bit of the good old days of drag racing.

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