Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Mercedes SLS Black Series – 200mph drag race

It’s the supercar drag race of the year: can the sublime Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and Mercedes SLS Black Series overcome the searing pace of the Porsche 911 Turbo S over a standing kilometre?

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Flat six plays V8 and V12 in the ultimate test of the latest and best supercars. Can the astonishing traction of the Porsche 911 Turbo S compensate for the 622bhp and 731bhp offered up by the Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Or will pure, unadulterated pace be too much for the 991-generation 911 Turbo on the standing quarter mile and standing kilometre? Steve Sutcliffe referees this incredible supercar drag race.

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  1. They always have problems with that concrete. Duplicated this race today . 991 turbo S vs F12. The Porsche wins all the way to 130mph . The F12 looked like it was going to take over after that

  2. The argument of the porsche boy is that the German costs a little less, as if the people who buy these cars were counting their coins, haha

  3. I think if you ran this around a track it would be very different. anyway, I was still surprised given today an F12 is £160/170k and a Black Series is more than double that. pound for pound any way you look at it, the Porsche is by far the best car for the money.

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