Feeling Like a Failure

Feeling like a failure lately, and here’s why.

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  1. As one of your first 10k subscribers it's been a fun ride seeing what this channel has evolved to but in the end of the day the videos that I pause the least are the ride around either solo or in groups and talk.

  2. Your dip in views may NOT be due to anything you are doing at all….as there are a number of YouTubers who have suddenly seen a noticeable dip in views….I think that YouTube has changed the way its algorithm works, as its literally affected a number of you. You have a core base of viewers that are going to watch pretty much everything you put out….

  3. Yo Blockhead I feel you!
    Because of where your mystery ride took you guys I thought I’d share a JellyRoll lyric with you as it seems relevant to this video.

    “I was talkin' to a guy that I respect dearly the other day
    And he told me not to get so distracted fighting the alligators
    That I forget to clean the swamp
    And it took me a second to think about what he was really sayin'
    But he was sayin'
    "Don't let my problems distract me so much dealin' with them, I forget my mission". “

  4. Been filling you for years now and I don’t plan on cutting that any time soon. I love the content and even the non bike related content. Just a great group of guys doing what they love. It reminds me of my boys and myself up here in Jersey and if we had a shop, which we are trying to get, it would be like your guys shop. Just friends and extended family.

  5. YouTube has been punishing motorcycle channels for over a year now. Making content went from being fun to feeling like a job, so I quit. Only make videos for myself now.

  6. I've been slackin on watching videos lately, but I think a lot of that has to do with being in Minnesota. If the shop build series came during riding season itself, I'd be all about it, because I want to watch build series and things like that…but when I can't ride and my bike is put away…I like to watch riding videos.

  7. You still doing your thing. It’s just growing pains for now. Once the shop is operating to your liking I believe you’re going To have killer content, even better than before. You continue to grow like very few channels. I’m up north but if I’m ever in your area I would definitely stop by the shop just to take a pic out front. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you. Lol.

  8. Have you done a helmet cam setup video yet? Sound quality is on point, i wanna do moto vlogs come spring time here in ohio. Love the content, always good brother.

  9. Block, I've been watching u for a while and always love your content! Don't get down about what some computer says u need to do keep up with. Blockhead community is behind you the whole way! Keep up the great work man! Looking forward to another great video whenever ur ready to drop one! ✌

  10. Now ya know why when I started my own shop I disappeared! I got no team most of my friends never showed up or even helped me and I started with no budget pretty much….you got it all and still is difficult, also stupid YT and all the social media algorithms suck nowadays so don’t worry bout it it will all fall into place!

  11. Bro SAME! We have big plans for next year as well. It's funny to hear you speak to exactly what Beau and I talk about just about everyday. Keeping rocking stuff out man!

  12. Love your channel . I get what you are saying . I watched red bears garage last week . And he was saying his channel took a dip but he learned that people get bored with the same content all the time . So doing the build series all the time may be boring to some . So your channel you offer a few different things which is why I continue to watch . Don’t just focus on one sole thing .

  13. It is healthy to share your thoughts and seek, at least, opinion from your audience. I stopped watching. For me and I bet a lot of people watching, this is entertainment through voyeurism and you have become an entertainer, lifestyle personality and somewhat of a celebrity. Take that for what its worth. When content about motorcycles turns into content about pickups or cleaning a shop, interest can wane. It doesn't mean what you were showing was the wrong path because it is your path but it may mean some followers will lose interest. You're evolving and not everyone will evolve with you. People go through cycles too, don't discount that fact. We may get our fill of motorcycle content and binge on other types of content. Hey, you're building your business and living a life. As long as you're happy, be happy but my happiness with your content or that of anyone who watches or stops watching, that is not your responsibility. If you are focused on building a brand, video content to a global audience and a garage located in Florida, be focused on what is most important to you and your paying customers. Best wishes to you.

  14. Sup, Block? New subscriber who started on the "Learn to Ride" series. Started watching you because the 20 year long bike itch has been getting almost uncontrollable. It's my goal to get my first bike within the next year or two. Keep up the good work, man!

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