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The “Top Diesel” class at the NHRDA World Finals is the absolute fastest and most powerful diesel powered racecars on Earth! These guys show up prepared to never lift until they cross the finish line…typically at over 200MPH.
Take a look as a diesel Funny Car and two Top Fuel diesel powered rail dragsters fight for a 1st place finish. When the boost is upwards of 200lbs, you know it’s going to be a HUGE smokeshow in pursuit of the win!
NHRDA World Finals in Ennis, TX – 10/3/15
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  1. One runaway diesel dragster pass, and the sport will be over. Seen a runaway on a dyno, made a huge BooooooooM! Once they start running free on their own, only way to stop it is to remove all intake air.

  2. Camera man has some balls lol we have all seen what happens when these motors blow apart from to much boost.
    Its like standing next to a shrapnel grenade 😆

  3. It comes in clunking and smoking like grandpa's old broken work truck unsure if if it's in its last lap…but then WOW!!!! Sounds like a fighter jet turbine on crack for take off woohooo!

  4. Still slow asf. Nothing to prove here. Now get them back to tow the cattle trailers where they belong!

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