Farmtruck Still Has It!!

Farmtruck has had a long history of being a street racer with this heavy truck trying its hand on the list for years. The truck being a sleeper at first quickly became known and the list of racers wanting to race farmtruck have turned to street cars to full blown race cars. In this video farmtruck grudge raced a gtr that grudge races. The gtr is no slouch with big horsepower and all wheel drive the farmtruck looked to be in a disadvantage and on paper should lose everytime. But, this aint no regular farmtruck as this truck’s best asset its ability to launch hard and get out in front quickly. We included some of the races the gtr had before the race and looked ready to take down the mighty nitrous assisted truck. But, would it have enough to beat the fast gtr? Check out the video and see this sleepy beauty in action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Farm truck is definitely the heaviest in it's match ups but that is also what helps it get these great launches by keeping the wheels on the ground….

  2. Lol Im assuming thats a stock gtr no mods. But that truck had a fully rebuilt v8 engine with boost and tuning all done to it. Just tune the gtr and get a custom cool air in take and I bet the gtr would win

  3. Drag racing my 1968 Chevy C-20 back in day against a fellow worker with a 1970 Dodge Swinger with a 340 , I never told him I had my 307 rebuilt by the BOCES occupation tech center with all new titanium parts , rebored cylinders and oversized pistons pushing far more than the original 200hp he laughed at my truck till I beat him in front of the whole hydraulics plant workers I made him buy drinks at the closest bar for the crowd I was 18 and you could drink legally in NY !!! yep , dont judge a book by its cover !!!

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