At first, we had our eyes set on taking on a McLaren but after the owner of the car would not lock in a race, another race found us! Watch the Farmtruck take on a AMS Alpha Nissan GTR at #winterheatwave 4!


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LOU – 405 PHOTO –

Video Capture and Edit by:
@Lou Renova

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  1. It was so funny when azn said that car is fast and farm truck said yeah it’s stupid,I know he meant that it’s stupid fast but I wanted it to mean it’s stupid like a gtr with slicks all the way around and a parachute at the race track is freaking stupid …really lol love you guys glad you left him in a cloud of dust

  2. Just love yalls fellowship with the people y’all come in to contact with. Y’all are exceptional a group and my hat is off to y’all. Oh and yes AZN is included too! Lol

  3. The violent launch that truck is capable of is the best part😆 I have a obscure 90s car and its like a ghost👻 you wouldn't believe it until ya see it and its to late🇺🇲

  4. Farm Truck and Farm Asian are my dudes I can't wait to see what antics they get up to in their new show…The NOS chair is going to be hard to beat but I got faith in the homies they will find something.

  5. I wished they would build a full carbon truck just like the Farm Truck but with a tube chassis and get it down to about 2,600 lbs. I think metal cab and carbon bed and front clip. Even carbon bumpers.

  6. Happy to watch you win the race !, even my daily driver is a NISSAN.😊
    Just curious what's underneath the duct tape of rear wheel . balance weight or something ?🤔

  7. Even after they beat them, they keep stroking their stupid ego, grow a pair already, ffs!, call their car junk, tease them like a little, I get so sick of hearing people talk about how fast those cars are, yet I've only seen one of them win a race ever, lol, stop being cowards, it's not a very good look for either of you.

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