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  1. I’m gonna guess that Australia has been scoped by Pilgrim and the 1/8 mile racers are within similar margins for competition. P.S. hey Pilgrim, if you really want to piss Big Chief off, go scope out Stockholm Sweden for 2024 (lol)

  2. Idk if it’ll be all street outlaws round 2 cause Ryan and Shawn are taking their small tire cars for some reason who knows if they are sending big tire stuff to switch out or just gonna run small tire just to show up pretty much

  3. Ill be at Calder park waiting for the street outlaws and I hope I get robin roberts so I can show him some high voltage. Look us up sim we can get down

  4. Hey sim I hope the npk guys don't underestimate them aussies cause the m boys are the real deal out there they cam get down and they're serious about it to I think our guys are going to be a little surprised but it's definitely going to be a fun time. And I think that's what it is sim a series. As always keep up the awesome work let's go get these A ttve 💪💯

  5. I'm going to the Calder Park Melbourne event really keen to see discos caddy make a hit and grab some merch from him. Love that guys attitude to life in general.

  6. At Calder Park is in Melbourne, Victoria Sim… I will be there. The 3 day event the Saturday is a car show competition and the Street Outlaw guys are judging the show.

  7. 135 degree track temps should keep it interesting

    also the biggest cash grab on carparking, the most expensive dirt field parking in aus history!! only the airport is more expensive.

    got my tickets for willowbank!

  8. We dont know who is racing. NPK are hand picking slow cars to ensure the yanks will win.
    Your bringing small tyre worn out dated cars on small tyres. And to add insult your asking $800US for ONE DAY.
    Go jump. Ill keep my money in mt pocket.
    Last event is Friday and Sunday. Saturday is a monster truck show.

  9. Mite get interesting. The aussie mates are wired a little differently then the yankees. What happens when they show up with a kangaroo to race that fits the rules to rules to a T..

  10. I reckon bloody hell that salt water is doin to them cars lol. I wonder how many of them fogged the motor and wrapped everything important up in shrink wrap.

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