Erica Enders has heated talk with Tanner Gray at Topeka qualifying | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING

Check out highlights and analysis from Heartland Nationals qualifying, which included a heated talk between Tanner Gray and Erica Enders.


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Erica Enders has heated talk with Tanner Gray at Topeka qualifying | 2018 NHRA DRAG RACING



  1. Talent? Talent? Anybody that knows drag racing or any kind of racing knows it's not so much talent as it is 💰💰💰. That's what let's the rich kid dumbasses into the mix.

  2. Tanner needs a talking to from the NHRA officials. That is the only way he will listen. Dock him some points or races and I bet he'll tighten things up.

  3. Someone from her team should've put their hands on this dude. There's nothing wrong with listening every now and again.

  4. Come on dawg you were in the wrong on that one apologize to her and be on your way no need to argue over something you did she had the right away there

  5. Tanner Gray was raised with a silver spoon in his mouth. Thinks that all are supposed to bow to him. A no class individual for sure.

  6. NHRA officials directing traffic at top end is for safety! They should have stepped in and fine the team of Tanner Grey for a safety violation. Both a monetary and a points fine. Before a person gets hurt! NHRA lately is lacking in safety!

  7. When he said "I don't have any respect for her" when he was clearly in the wrong and then pretends to be unaware of his actions, That tells me quite a bit about his upbringing…It's ok to stand your ground on an issue THAT HAS MERIT, But obviously this guy has an issue with being "Checked" by a woman !…"Respect" is just a metaphor in this instance….Had that been Greg Anderson or another "Vet" that brought that issue to his attention, He would have been very apologetic right there in front of the media camera !

  8. I bet Erica thinks she's entitled to everything just because she's a woman. Joke's on her, Tanner Gray just won a NASCAR K&N Pro Series race, which actually takes talent, unlike straight-line drag racing.

  9. Erica Enders professes to be a christian. You hear her praising the lord every time she's interviewed ad nauseam and still throws around the f-word like a true hypocrite!!! And Tanner is a punk!!!

  10. She has always been a holier than thou beeatch. Media treats her with kid gloves and wont interview her when she loses and is bawling in the corner.

  11. Tanner must be a whiny liberal. Can we just get rid of these libs? Erica was right in all forms. Period.

  12. Grey was a punk and totally cut Enders off and possibly could have caused a crash destroying a very expensive race car but Enders quick reaction saved the day but she might possibly consider dropping the foul language especially when cameras are rolling

  13. If y’all think Tanner is “something else” when it comes to racing, oh boy wait until you hear the name Taylor Gray. He’s more reckless

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