EPIC Ride Alongs in a N/A HONDA & the APEX TAXI!

What a DAY!!! Misha & HonDan took us BACK out on the ring! EPIC!
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Hand Controlled 2019 Ford GT on NÜRINBURGRING!
Misha’s Video:

1320Video took to Germany for the RACE1000 1/2 mile, and along the way we managed to check out as much of the European car culture as we had time for. With our tour guide Frank keeping the trip lively and entertaining, we stopped by several European tuning and performance shops, experienced the power of fine tuned German engineering, and still had time to mix in some sightseeing. Germany had more to offer than we had time to spare, which means we will be heading back again so make sure you let us know what parts you loved and what parts we missed! Make sure to check out the other episodes!
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EP:1 – Our First Time On the AUTOBAHN!:
EP:2 – This Thing Sounds INCREDIBLE!:
EP:3 – DonkeyTec Corrado RIPS! (650hp Turbo VR6!):
EP:4 – The ULTIMATE Porsche Collection!:
EP:5 – Testing Turbo’s @ 120,000 RPM!:
EP:6 – RACE1000 – Handed Us Keys to a GTR!:
EP:8 – Hondan & The APEX TAXI:
EP:9 – Kyle Drives The Ring!:

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  1. That's why Honda's is the best, bring smiles with only a stock-ish K motor, slicks and gutted interior. Total Cost 10k to have a lot of fun with an old Civic 😀

  2. Hhahahahahhahahahahahhaa HE GOT PASSED BY ANOTHER CIVIC HAHAHAHA EK9 or something hahahahahahahhahaha
    So basicaly, all of you who though this dude didnt go as fast as that EG could, you were right. That EK looked clean as fuck, no nasty modification like the EG with carbon bonnet and whatnot!

    Hhahaha my man 16:24 !!!

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