Engine Out, Re-built & Installed in 2 days! – JET200 Returns to World Time Attack – Pt 1

In this special Motive Garage, presented by Sparesbox, we get JET200 ready for the 2022 World Time Attack Challenge. Part 1 we show you the nightmare and stress of having to pull an engine out eight days before the event. We have an awesome team though, so anything is possible.

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  1. Shame you couldn't just use a 54C block as the all the oil return holes line up, but the nothing else would work as everything is different in terms of cooling system and alternator routing, and they run a 15mm head dowels (14 for other SR's) and 12mm head bolts instead of 11mm.

  2. I'm honestly surprised you haven't dry sumped it with the Gforce loading you'd be experiencing in a time attack car. I guess that's why you're running the accumulator?

  3. I have little to no idea what I’m talking about, but could you machine either the head or block so the oil drains line up? Make them oversize even?

  4. The oil pump in engines generates pressure due to its flow, you cannot reduce the flow while keeping pressure the same. The pump itself does not pressurise the oil, it just creates as close to a one-way flow of oil as possible and the pressure is generated by the oil not being able to flow through the bearings as fast as the pump is flowing and this builds pressure up which increases the flow across the bearings until its at equilibrium with the pump flow. The billet gear is just flowing far more than the stock one, pressure probably tapers off even as flow increases a lot due to some fluid dynamic that I don't know enough about but saying that you want to make the pump flow less while keeping pressure the same just seems completely illogical to me because pressure is only generated as a result of the flow from the pump

  5. Could be wrong but the labor price of pulling the engine may be worth the long term benefits of going dry sump? Also curious why you cant just smack a fat head drain on the back of the head like an rb? I know nothing about SRs

  6. I'm just curious why don't you guys run LS swaps for stuff you need reliable? Am I ignorant to say it would be more reliable, less expensive, and more power?

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