1. @mattheweden haha lol thats funny..its neat to see u think electricity is more impressing than alcohol..methanol all the way..bet the car doesnt run concistant

  2. @mattheweden its not that bad..kinda unique.. but i doubt its so consistent ppl think it unfair. its neat and all but i just dont c it being that consistent..my jr dragster just ran a 1.640 60ft 4 times and a 1.643 3 times.. and the other 3 passes it ran a 1.638..thats y i ust won the jr dragster challenge

  3. @dragking02 You sure lack intelligence. I bet you are one those people stupid enough to think your alcohol engine develops more torque than electric. You would be such a sucker to bet all your money and LOSE. Electric will crush you. It is like big Brutus that lifts 500 LBS versus your skinny nerd engine. You have to take into account weight differences too. Add all that weight that the electric one has and you will struggle to even get a 20 second run because you lack torque.

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