EFI Fuel Pump Technology 101: Selecting The Right FiTech Fuel Pump

Updating with modern technology like electronic fuel injection often means that other components in the system have to be changed to support the performance enhancement. In the case of EFI systems, there are several different fuel pump options, each with their own ideal solution to particular applications. FiTech Fuel Injection discusses their four fuel pump systems and the reasons for when and why to use each pump type.

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  1. I went fuel command you still need to have a return from the command center so I wish they would t act like you don’t just not from the throttle body it comes from the command center I cheated and ran mine into my filler tube but I would of normally had to drop the tank which is the whole point of the fcc in the first place so be warned

  2. that vent can run to the charcoal canister under the hood…which will be next to the gsurge install in most 70-80 vehicles. right behind the headlights

  3. When he says the frame mounted pump is louder than a tank mounted pump, he's not kidding. i just put a Fitech system on my ride and the pump is horribly loud/obnoxious at a random rate while driving and does not always shut off quickly when the truck is shut off. Sounds Awful, but its new so hopefully this can be remedied.

  4. Any one wanting to buy a Fitech should think long and hard about wasting
    your hard earned cash on this system. Months of drama and no support
    for Fitech. Still not running!! Junk!!!

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