Edinburg Motorsports Park Grudge Night!!

In this video we have a grudge night matchup at the edinburg motorsports racing event in edinburg, texas. First up is Hammerhead which is a procharged corvette that did a test pass before he was going to race a second grudge race of the night. First grudge race hammerhead had was against the pirate’s code which was a great race in yesterday’s video which you can see it in our library. Then it was off to the red s10 nitrous assisted truck racing a twin turbo mustang. The winner of that matchup would eventually race hammerhead who was waiting on the wings to race. But, when it comes to grudge racing anything can happen and will continue the race in tomorrow’s video. We ended the video with jason cantu who was testing a turbo camaro known as copperhead. Jason Cantu has been testing alot to prepare for the new season of the fastest in america list. Check out the video and all the action, and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Merry Christmas! Good video guy.. Was Ruben running his camaro or was that Jason or someone else? It sure looked good but I'm a procharger bbc guy so I wish they would of done a procharger in the camaro..

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