Driving the repaired NPK Shocker to the Finals vs Lutz at No Prep Kings Rockingham North Carolina

Driving the recently repaired NPK Shocker to the Finals vs Lutz at No Prep Kings Rockingham North Carolina. It was a whirlwind, and honestly, we were just happy with the fact that the car was going straight for a change! Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content! www.patreon.com/kyekelleyracing
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  1. what a hell of a job there kye and team!!!! way to hustle. win lose or draw lizi is always there on the starting line for you, great woman right there!

  2. Great stuff man but you need to put more personality with audio talking about what's happening that is what I would like to see but it's your channel Great job keep at it GODSPEED

  3. Yes racing is everything kye, but remember losing Lizzy would be the worst she's a beautiful lady with a beautiful heart! And down to the point blank think about it Lizzy Musi was born a winner her commitment and beauty speaks for itself always keep that in mind. Seeing her upset I'm pretty sure bothered a lot of people because she is showing so much dedication to you

  4. Good job lizzy knocking kye out of the great 8 hope you draw him this weekend 👍 kye should of been drawing out the bucket all season now look what those free points got you 🤣🤣 good luck drive safe

  5. That was by far the most exciting NPK event video so far! Congratulations on getting the car together and we definitely didn't miss Adam working his sorcery! Cheers to the entire KKR team and we'll keep cheering you on from Chi-town 🏁

  6. Little shaky in the finals, but man you got to love shocker. Great looking car, stupid fast. Really good A to B passes. Car looks like it's riding on rails. Great work to you and your crew.

  7. hey whats going on with you and lizzy? i saw a video mike marrilo put out and and she was crying because of how you were acting because she beet you in the great 8 race

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