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Finnegan, Freiburger, and Newbern attempt to get a bucket-list ’66 Corvette—abandoned halfway through an LS swap and restoration—back on the road. Watch Roadkill NOW on MotorTrend+ ➡️

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  1. Spoiler alert , first transmmision did not work , new gear star installed and it works. On the last test drive battery cable shorts out and almost burns down to the ground.

  2. You guys dont realized just how lucky you are to do what you do , David, Mike , Lucky , an the rest of your team . You guys have made some of my darkest days a little brighter with the way you guys are

  3. Don't know about you guys but the last thing I would do to my dream car is to take it out for the first time and try to burn the back tires off it. Too much time and money spent for us mere mortals to mistreat our dreams.

  4. A split window Corvette with an LS engine made for each other I still say you should have put a 427 up in there but that's even cooler hey you guys are roadkill keep up the good work

  5. Doing doughnuts on the streets of Oakland just like all of the idiots in the East Bay. They block intersections and Interstates for smokeshows and street racing. They don't need you encouraging them to act like fools.

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