Dragracing 101 – The Tree and Staging

What’s a “Christmas tree”? How does “deep staging” work? Why is that red bulb lit? These, and many other questions are answered on this episode of Drag Racing 101


  1. Is there ever going to be a :Next episode" as you say in this video?  What else is there?  Race-day prep, the start, shifting, Picking your class, Bracket racing?

  2. I didn't realize "double-bulbing" was frowned upon, I've done it whilst "run what you brung" racing when my opponent has been taking his/her damn time, but always found it to be a dis-advantage because that means they have ultimate control over when they want to go. Similarly when I'm pre-staged and they're staged or deep-staged all I have to do is roll forward slightly into stage and I'm ready, on the brake, all the transmission backlash taken up, primed to go in an instant and I often get the better start. Maybe this is just because I'm only racing novices and a real pro would tree me lol!

  3. Cool video, however I did notice a mistake.  Not being critical, but shallow staging Decreases (faster time) your E.T.   Deep staging increases (slower time) your ET.  If you don't understand, Ill be glad to explain farther.

  4. Thank you for this video! I have started a job at an Auto Company and I know nothing of racing but they are big into it! I will be checking out your other videos as well! ^ ^"

  5. How the Christmas Tree works is there is a row of Blue Lights, a row of Whites, and Three Yellows with Red and Green on the bottom. If you pass the Blue Light and break the beam you will not get a White Light but will get a Red Light which means you are disqualified and will miss three races plus you don't get paid. When the White Light comes on stay there until you see Yellow or you will also get a Red. When the Yellow appears you will hear the audio cue and when the horn sounds and you see the Green hit the gas. If you go too soon you hear a buzzer and the Red Light will come on. Don't Run a Red or you will be disqualified. depending on class and tree if you double bulb or deep stage and double bulb or triple bulb your reaction time will be quicker but you will also get disqualified because the other guy is not there before you leave the line. Don't start until the other guy is in position.

  6. that was pretty good. i like how you tried to get every detail and this video was short and sweet which is nice but some of the things you spoke in detail about were hard to understand. like when you said dont get caught when the staging light turns on i could have used a bit more context because its hard to understand "why" . i had to rewind it a few times but then I got it. it could be me too. I'm tired lol

  7. 9 years later, still a fantastic refresher on process and terminology for me, and while i used to manage a drag strip and run the tower, it's been close to 12 years ago or so, and I needed this touch up on my brain. Great video.

  8. Hands down the best beginner video! No talk about 60ft times and other things that distract from a beginner getting a consistent stage and launch. Without that you will forever fight to lay down winning runs.

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