Drag Week 2022 Testing In World's Quickest Street Car – Want To Buy It?

We are getting things ready for Drag Week 2022. We also have updates on Sick Week 2023 and get some testing done with Sick Seconds 2.0, the world’s quickest street car.

Want to take my Drag Week spot and have Steve Morris ride around with you for the week? Go to and see…

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  1. All I have to give ya for ya car is one hundred seventy-five thousand but I want you to ride with me email me and let's get this signed over asap

  2. The 5 second HRMDW hotrod,, even if I was able to buy it I could never muster up the gutz 'n courage to drive it!! 🙂 Tht car is a full tilt BEAST!!

  3. Can’t tell if Tom is actually selling 2.0 or renting it out for drag week. Or just driving traffic to the website. Either way, I can’t wait for what happens.

    Edit: also, don’t spam this at Cleetus. He already knows and can make his own decision.

  4. Traction control in drag racing is just a disgrace…..
    Ya might as well race a Tesla!!!
    Auto shift- traction control auto bump….. the list goes on…. Why bother?????

  5. Something that amazes me is how long these guys stay on the 2 step is mind blowing because you would think the trans fluid would be crispy burnt for a drag & drive car but apparently not.

  6. These cars have soooooo many adjustments! This is what testing is all about and it has to be overwhelming at times like it's easy to chase your own tail. Most people only want to show the success but I think the details about how you reach this success is why YouTube is shutting regular cable TV down. Nobody cares about their fake "reality " TV shows anymore so keep on pumping out great content Tom your killing the game

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