Drag Week 2015 – Freiburger's Favorites & Day 5 Highlights!

David Freiburger of ROADKILL highlights his favorite cars to endure Drag Week 2015 before we get to stories from the road on day 4 and Day 5 racing! The last day has arrived as only the strongest of the street cars survive and make the final trek BACK to St. Louis to lock in their wins or just to make their final pass to declare their car a TRUE street car! Many of the big competitors such as Tom Bailey and Crusty Nova successfully manage to complete the journey unscathed!

Drag Week 2015 Final Results:
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  1. Show us more of the HQ doing burnouts!!! That's what we use parking lots for after hours in Australia and every weekend all over the land. Drag week got invaded by the Aussies this year! Think there'll be more Aussies there next year too. Street Machine Mag in Oz is starting to advertise trips there in large groups- that can only mean one thing. More of us there next year. Hope I can be one of them n bring my car too…

  2. Ya' know, I think it's funny that the "Street Outlaws" call themselves "STREET" cars when they trailer 'em. These guys as DEFINATELY STREET cars. Keep the vids comin!

  3. I love Tom. walk up to him and be like "Tom whats happened to the car." And hes just like "Ahhhh, Blew the big end out of the oil pan, and cracked the block. No biggie. That's what happens when your pitted next to Jeff Lutz."

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