Drag Week 2015 – Day 2 Road Trip AND Racing Highlights!

Day 2 of Drag Week was very eventful! Tom Bailey was able to get down the track with yet another 6 second pass, Jeff Lutz Sr. comes to terms with the difficulties he has had with his car and pulls from the race, Lutz Jr. BARELY makes his pass and many big names such as John Farone make RECORD passes!
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  1. i think lutz crew is banned from the nhra tracks because of affiliation with street outlaws, his son's honda hasn't been on the street on tv so thats ok for the track, but both of the "evil twins" are banned from nhra tracks, that's why lutz sr. is in a new murdered out camaro track car, they both had problems, will probably go to drag week with these, and put their twins on the street and keep the, off the track

  2. I dunno who puts these things on but the racing's CCCRRRAAAZZZEEE!!! I mean Lutz running 6.05×2, insane 1 thousandth between runs! Whadda we got? One 6 second bracket racer! Keep the vids comin'!

  3. I would love to u guys drive these cars in California u well get a ticket lift and right just by looking at them no street tires on them for one wich means thay bald in cali ticket sound and no somg teck it dam by the ti.e thay wright e erything up say good by to ur car how do i know years ago i had gtx with a 440 high rise Manifold mild came two holly double pumpees loud and fast as hell. Yes i almost lost the car cops would just be wiating for me to lieave my mom and dads house if was to get one tivket for speeding or anything those cops pin with there gos my license for 5yrs a big fine plus car inpounded so i had no vhoice to stop racing it on the streets so had to sale it yes i miss it i think thats why i enjoy watching u guys of stret outlaws and the utubbers that post this stuff so from my humble hwart thank you and keep it up 1320 awsome job on ir videos and for the outlaws thanks alot for bring back such a good time i had in my life im now in my late 50s just wish i was in better health to get out and go and watch u you guys race

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