Drag Racing Wrecks & Wild Rides Compilation | VOL. 3

Some of the craziest moments from this past season!
Big wrecks, wild rides and big saves from our local drag racing events!!
Check out our FULL LENGTH event coverage playlist to see all of the action as this is just a small sample of what we film:

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– Full length videos on our channel that these clips were pulled from:
Time stamps:
0:00 – Intro

0:10 – Mustang No-Prep Crash

2:10 – Chevy Spinout

2:52 – G Body Crash

4:03 – No-Prep Car into Grass

4:51 – Foxbody Crash

5:47 – Foxbody Double Wheelie

6:21 – Big End Save

6:43 – Mustang Oil Spill

7:23 – Foxbody Wheelies

8:22 – Jet Truck


  1. To bump by flagger is a cheater.
    To bump is to let his friend boost it better than opponent. Why not same time at line? No? Have to be cheating?

  2. Maybe I just don't know what I am talking about but I never understand why a driver during a wild oscillation doesn't just lock the brakes when the car is heading away from the wall. I've seen many saves that way instead of praying that you will finally get it back under control at 100 mph

  3. What I hate the most is when someone breaks and fluids are spilling out down the track and they don't stop they continue all the way down the track even if you don't seem like you broke anything best thing to do is just pull over to the side it's better to clean up 60ft but not full 1320ft and some.

  4. The jet truck at the end, I thought the name of the truck was “Hellfish”. And I thought that’s an odd name. The realized it said hellfire. I kinda like hellfish more tho

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