Drag Racing with the Traxxas DTS-1 and Traxxas Link App

Right out of the box, the Traxxas DTS-1 Drag Timing System lets you experience head-to-head drag racing competition with authentic NHRA staging, Sportsman and Pro tree lights, and millisecond precision at the finish line for instant, accurate race results no matter how close the photo-finish.

But that’s just the beginning. When you add the free Traxxas Link app, you can instantly view all the race data the DTS-1 collects after each run. Elapsed Time (ET). Reaction Time (RT). Trap Speed. All are displayed to a thousandth of a second for each driver and each lane.

After the race, you can share the results wirelessly with friends you’ve added to your Racer Network, or send results via email right from the Traxxas Link interface. Input your racer name (your name, or any name you choose) and select a photo or avatar to appear in-app.

You can race any brand and type of vehicle with the DTS-1, even vehicles of different speeds and performance levels. Traxxas Link’s Bracket racing mode allows you to input “dial in” times for each car. If your car typically makes it to the finish line in six seconds, but your competitor can hit in in four seconds, the DTS-1 will stagger the tree lights to give you a 2-second head start.

There’s no easier, more realistic way to experience authentic NHRA drag racing than the DTS-1 with Traxxas Link. Learn more at Traxxas.com!