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  1. Yeah it is hard to make out but they must of turned it up cos that sounds like Duran Duran hungry like a wolf….tell them to turn that crap off or keep riding and talking to drown it out, it’s stupid that you tube does that I have like 2 subs on my channel and they sent me one once😅😂🤣

  2. Is this the first race with the new struts ? Like to know tour thoughts on the pro mod valve if its wroth it

  3. The"Le'att" brace is equivilent to the "hans device", I use to do a lot of downhill mountain biking in Orange County, CA, and I did a major lawn dart on my head and have had major neck problems transversing to my right hand since then; no leatt brace when I crashed.
    Where the Hans when possible!

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