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On February 23, 2019, tragedy turned Kyle Michalek’s life upside down. His wife, Steph, passed away unexpectedly while giving birth to their son Andrews.

Almost six months later, Kyle returned to the place he has called home for many years – the drag strip.

Kyle, who tunes the Top Alcohol Dragster driven by his younger brother Corey, returned to the drag strip during the 2019 Night Under Fire event, the independent extravaganza promoted by Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. The evening was one the siblings and many race fans will never forget.

Corey made sure no one would.

Corey, who is one of the more talented motorsports videographers captured the moments of the epic afternoon in a video he shared with his brother and family on Christmas Day, and the racing world on December 27, 2019.



  1. Thanks for putting us in the driver's seat now that was cool I could see how exciting that is for every man and every woman out there thanks competition

  2. What a wonderful way to add to Stephanie's legacy as well as help others as they begin to follow in her footsteps. Best wishes to her entire family, friends and to MBR. This year's Night Of Fire had an extra special significance.

  3. I was at night under fire but I can never understand the pa so I never knew what was happening. My girlfriend just got her bsn from Ohio university a couple weeks ago… so thanks for the donation!

  4. Congrats Team,,what a very cool episode CPTV. Another Very lucky baby to survive that. Looks like the child is in VERY good hands,,and lots of them. A/Fuel is stomping!!. Much faster than ole Brooks Brown and his A/Fuel in Pro Alky back in the day. Rick Santos and his lightweight pro Alky Small block Chev dragster gave them fits. Then they piled weight on him,,basically snuffing him from competition.

  5. with out a doubt I have met some of the best people in my life a drags strips hands down a close nit family. the next would be the rodeo/cowboy/horse people.

  6. I worked on A/Fuel for years and never saw a good on board shot where you could hear the engine, I did clutch so hearing when it locks up is a lot cooler than seeing it on the computer 🙂

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