Drag Racing A 2020 C8 Corvette vs 640hp Caddy vs 640hp Turbo Truck! How Does It Stack Up?


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  1. Yeap, mid-engined is where is at….you can put all that power down from a stop with no waste!
    The Caddy, even though MUCH heavier than a C7 Z06 & ZR1, proves what the issue is with Front engine / RWD cars….they are limited as to the amount of power they can put down as street vehicles.

    I am pretty sure the guy in the Vette was thinking "Hmm…what would happen if I put that engine in my car?"

  2. Still miss my 2005 CTS-V manual. What an underrated car. So much fun and cops left me alone. With 40k C8s being built off the get go, I definitely see a used one in my future 2-3 years down the road.

  3. Racing from a dig with these two just seems like you're trying to prove that the C8 has better traction. We know it has better traction. The roll race showed very definitively showed that the CTS-V is faster. The end. Why race from a dig after that? You already know which one is faster. To make the C8 faster you need to add turbos, but to give the CTS-V more traction you just add slicks.

  4. The new vette is nice but kinda ugly looks like a Lambo, Corvette, and Ferrari had a orgy lol but that car is gonna be a force to be reckoned with on auto cross and drag racing

  5. Very nice, a lot of fun, enjoyed your presentation, in the spirit of fun, with great info. I'm a little behind in the Corvette world, bought a 1990 ZR-1 last year and am fixing her up. Cool stuff. 👍👍🏁🏁

  6. How is it that Hennessey ran a stock c8 vs a stock hellcat and only managed to get the c8 by car.. but some how this CTS V can out run the c8 with less hp than hellcat

  7. I own a V personally never launched that Bad. Both cars are amazing this was a good heads up race. FYI not a good idea to paddle shift in a drag race in the V. Nice video overall.

  8. Having raced this Caddy several times, as well as several C8’s with mods, it’s no longer close. The Caddy regularly beats me, but even when given the move, no C8 ever has-

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