Drag Racing 1020hp Tesla Plaid Vs Everything! It could Change Racing FOREVER! (Mind Blowing!)


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  1. Obvious next step is remove the drivers and let the cars do it by themselves…. then we can all go home and find something interesting to do. Maybe build a V8 or something

  2. Did you see the Rimac Nevera leave the Telsa Model S Plaid in the dust in a drag race 🏁? Rimac Nevera 0-60MPH 1.90 seconds. 1/4 Mile in 8.52 seconds @167.1 MPH I think off the top of my head.

  3. Just watched a video of a Plaid vs Rimac Nevera, the Nevera did the 1/4 mile in 8.5 sec and beat the Plaid by 4-6 car lengths over 3 races, so the Plaid is fast, but the Rimac is faster, by a lot.

  4. And as incredibly quick as the Plaid is Brooks at Dragtimes just posted video of him gapping a Plaid by about 6 car lengths in a new Rimac Nevera. The Rimac ran 8.58 @ 165 on its best pass.

  5. I saw a Tesla take off from a light and it was the fastest thing I ever saw, totally inhuman!! I was thinking has Star Trek beaming up a car become an actuality? SO FREAKING QUICK! Never saw anything like it. From here to a block away almost instantly.

  6. Come to think of it, all those UFO's going ballistic in those youtube vids reminded me of that Tesla I wrote about below. Maybe we're closer than we know?

  7. You sound exactly the same as a Twitch streamer named Bahjeera. Yes. You and Bahjeera sound exactly alike. Even look similar. Are you guys brothers?

  8. Also, remember the Tesla Plaid "only" comes with 3 motors…when Tesla wants more speed you'll see a 4 motor version/one per wheel. The current rather small motors will get more powerful over time, improvements in battery tech will improve weight/power ratio…until it just comes down to 4WD traction and maybe improved aero. Soon Rimac won't be the only one with a stock production car that can run 1/4 mile in the 8's…

  9. Just watched the Plaid get smoked by the Rimac. Of course, that is a 2.4 million dollar car. The Rimac did a sub 8.6 quarter mile.

  10. Watching plaid vs other car videos are cool but if this is the future unless people can tune/ tweek plaids then with plaid vs plaid what is there to watch? Reaction times? Who's gonna be the first to get more out of a plaid? Awesome tech though.

  11. You should get into this game early, you have a lot of the pieces. Can you imagine an eight (8) Tesla motor-powered dragster?

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  13. If Tesla can make those cars more affordable for the average person and start producing a more sporty, two door version I imagine that it would change the current new car industry forever.

    Once the average car enthusiast learns about these cars I imagine the only thing keeping them from purchasing one will be the price. They appear to be a great value for the money when you look at the performance they have, but from my experience the average car guy just can't afford $100,000+ on a car at one time, even though over time they'll probably spend that much modifying a car that isn't as fast as the Tesla.

    I'm a fan of the Tesla Plaid, but in a rural area in the mountains of Virginia where I live the price and unavailability of rapid charging stations either doesn't currently make it practical or makes it unaffordable for most people.

    With all that being said I want one

  14. The Hoonicorn and GT-R called Kimbo can beat the Plaid on unprepped road. Just need at least 1200 all wheel HP and good automatic transmission, assuming the ICE car is also lighter than the Plaid.

  15. But remember guys, the Tesla Plaid it’s a fast car and it’s worth more then 100k plus. A car above the range price of course has to be fast, but don’t call it regular sedan when it has 1000hp 😂 and it’s expensive

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