DRAG RACE: Subaru WRX CVT vs Toyota GR Yaris

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When in the presence of two rally icons, you drag race them! Watch as we pit the Subaru WRX 2,4DIT ts ES CVT against the potent three-cylinder Toyota GR Yaris 1,6T GR-Four Rally in a race to the quarter-mile mark. Hit the link to see which four-wheel drive WRC-inspired model gets there first 👀

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  1. The new wrx should have been thought over before they built it. The new body design is meh and they stopped the sti and basically only use the cvt transmission which is a let down

  2. Nobody was wondering who'd win.

    Both have roughly the same power, but vastly different weights. The Yaris is nearly 800 lbs lighter than the WRX.

    And to compare a CVT to a manual, shame on you. Everyone knows CVT are terribly slow. At least have the decency to compare similar drive trains if the option is available.

  3. Anytime someone somewhere in the world says the 3 letters CVT in a row, a manual driver across the ocean loses their mind and goes into rage mode and says that you are not a purist and kicks a puppy and harrases a grandmother

  4. Kind of wonder if the WRX driver was really trying, I have a 2019, WRX thats slightly modded and I can do 0 to 60 in roughly 4 seconds, now true the weight differences matter, but the car setup and drivers do as well 😉.

  5. I came to this vid because the WRX was CVT actually.
    It's hard to find material on it.
    If I was to get a new WRX, because of personal circumstance, it would have to be the CVT version. It fortunately comes with a lot more features than the manual, so the sting is less haha. But I'm still curious how it performs.
    So thanks for showing!

  6. Who brings a CVT WRX? You can't launch it and the tranny sucks. That literally tells us nothing. Not one enthuasist watching this gives a damn about a CVT WRX.

  7. People need to understand the Toyota runs the turbo at 20-26psi whereas the Subaru is running at 8-9psi. There's a lot of room to boost the Subaru. The power to weight ratio in standard form favours the Toyota.

  8. Add 520 pounds to the Yaris and the outcome would've been different. People keep hating on the Subaru SPT, but once you drive it…its a completely different experience that the old CVT, trust me you will be surprised. I had both manual and CVT in this generation and a I kept the CVT as my daily driver. As a daily driver that can be driven in any weather/terrain its cheap to afford, the WRX is a great choice for any one.

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