Dodge Lancer GT Hellcrate Redeye Swap Complete ! Lots of updates!

SO MANY DODGE LANCER GT UPDATES!! This 1962 Lancer GT is OFFICIALLY Hellcrate Redeye swapped!! Nick killed it with all the fabrication in such a short amount of time. Still a lot to do, but this is gonna be one WILD drag car when everything is complete!

Shout out and thank you to eBay Motors for partnering with me on this build! Drag, Drift or Grip…Find parts for whatever you’re building on @eBay Motors !

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  1. am sorry but with the dodge up on the ramp at the top it looks like christine out of the film of the same name you and nick are killing it collete carnt wait to see u run it at roadkill nights

  2. Looks like the rest of the comments have been saying the same thing, but with drag racing your going to get a lot more stress on those engine mounts! Should have nick add some gussets and box those in! But everything is looking super sick, can’t wAit to see her running down Woodward ave! Hopefully you get to take her down the strip a few times before she gets loaded up to go north!!

    I would get in contact with Shop Hellcat before your all done and see if they can help you out with some “Secret Sauce” for your setup! They do really good work, and have worked with Parker, Garrets brother on his driftcat, pulley that bad boy down and make that 1000hp on a stock block with some supporting fuel 🔥

    Also what fuel system are you going to be running? Cleetus and a few other guys have been running a dual fuel rail system to run pump when cruising around and when the system sees WOT it switches over to the methanol/E/a better race fuel, something to think about if you want to pull as much out of that motor and not have to many issues to work out with tuning 💪🏻

    Aside from your build I’ve been following the guys at CorruptBuilds and there White Barracuda, i love the way these two have come together 🛞💨💨

  3. Car looks great. You guys look like you are having so much fun!!! I would out a piece in between the motor mounts that Nick welded to kinda box it in so the mounts won't want to twist with that much torque. Thank you for the content. Keep up the great work.

  4. 12:00 Sikky Manufacturing makes shifter relocation kits for the T56 (and a couple other transmissions) that would be perfect for this. They come in like 5 different lengths, so just measure how much farther back you need the shifter to be and get one of their kits.

  5. Not to sound like a broken record because I've seen it in a bunch of comments. Those motor mounts need to be reinforced! You guys are doing a great job. I can't wait to see you guys at Roadkill nights!

  6. JDM car girl? How many right hand drive cars for you own? Not on the property we know Adam is a REAL JDM enthusiest. How many are yours? You are a import fan. JDM means sold in Japan not a US car old in US. Adam bought you the Evo so what else. I own 3 Actual JDM cars and wouldn't say I'm a JDM dude.

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