Doc & Chuck 2nd Amendment Turbo Mustang!

Street outlaw og racers Doc who normally drives the street beast entered the no prep kings big tire class. Also, another og street outlaw racer Chuck in his twin turbo mustang known as the second amendment. Both big tire cars entered the big tire class where big money was at stake and the coveted points to possibly winning the championship. Doc drives the heavy metal blown nova that belongs to Flamhoc racing where he helps doc with the car. The car has had its fair share of problems where one round the car looks unstoppable to another round not taking off the line. To be a no prep king champion you have to be consisent in every pass in every event. That is a hard thing to do with competition being so high. In the other lane Chuck brought out his new car that looks exactly like his older one. Both cars has found success in the series and can be seen with their racing. Check out the video and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. Doc's car straight up looks like a car they'd make fun of in season one… Biggest blower on the planet and still got drug by his Daddy lmaooooo

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